Our Story

Meet The Family


Van works along side, Patrick on the family farm. He plays a large roll in making sure the work is done on Banock Farms. He tends to the cattle and helps to get the crop out yearly. Because of his hard work we are able to feed our cattle and hogs with home grown corn!  

Patrick & LeeAnn

As the 5th generation of Banock Farm, and the first full time farmer for the operation, Patrick paved a way for VanBuren's to someday be a reality. LeeAnn, has spent her life educatiing students about Agriculture.  She plays a huge part in finding ways for us to educate our community on agriculture.

Chelsea & Josh

Chelsea and Josh met at Murray State University, and fell in love. Because of their passion for agriculture and educating the public about farming and food quality, they developed a dream to supply their community with locally grown food. As the owners of VanBuren's they are able to do that. 

Carl & Kay

Carl and Kay are the caretakers of our Heritage Hogs. They do an excellent job providing them with what they need. Carl did a lot of research before selecting the type of Hogs we would raise. Ask him about how he came to this decision!


Alex is 10 years old, but plays a huge roll in our work at VanBuren's. He spends time working with every part of the business, but especially loves, planting seeds in the garden, and greeting people at the store! Ask him about his Smile Pops!

How it all came to be...

In 1875 Irish immigrants, the Daugherty's settled in Banock, Ky. They started to build a life that depended on the land to nourish them. They grew their own food, and raised their own meat. A tradition that has been passed down through the generations. One of which was named Van Buren Daugherty. During hard times Van Buren was known in the community to help others who didn't have food by providing them some. It only made sense to name our business, that is focused on providing a quality food source for our community after him. 

In 1982, Patrick Daugherty, the fifth generation of Daugherty's in Banock became the farms first full time farmer. With the support and encouragement of his father Chesley, the farm was able to grow to more than just a food source for the family. His ambition led to Banock Farms becoming an 1800 acre row crop, and 150 head cattle operation. When his brother, Carl came home from working in agriculture sales he upped the operation to include Hogs. 

Chelsea, one of the owners of VanBuren's, makes up part of the sixth generation to operate Banock Farms, along with Van and Alex. Josh, the other owner of VanBuren's, grew up in Oldham County, Kentucky on an Alpaca farm. In High School he started growing vegetables and taking an interest in Farmers Markets. Chelsea and Josh met while attending Murray State University, and married after graduation. Both had a passion for agriculture, and educating people about where their food comes from. That passion led to a dream. They wanted to provide quality food for their community, with an opportunity to learn about where it comes from. 

Soon the Daugherty family started making plans to make this dream a reality. 

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